South Side Periodical - April 2004

Q: Why is self-defense important?

A: Let me give you some rough statistics. 60% - 70% of women in America will encounter a violent crime in their lifetime. That translates into one of three women that will be the victim of an assault or rape at some point during adulthood. In this country , a women is raped every 1.3 minutes, and two-thirds of the victims know their assailant prior to the attack. Domestic violence is an increasing problem in this country. Battering is the single greatest cause of injury to women, harming more women than automobile accidents, muggings and rape combined. Any women who reads these statistics will respond in two ways: they will get trained or they'll pretend that it could never happen to them. However, the odds are not favorable and self-defense can give you an edge. It might just possibly save your life.

Q: What is different about your program from any other self-defense or kickboxing class?

A: Well, first of all this is not just any ordinary kickboxing or self-defense class, since it is based on Bruce Lee's fighting method. Bruce Lee was famous in the 1970's; he was a movie star but also a Master in the martial arts. One of the major movies he stared in was "Enter the Dragon" which was recently re-digitized and is some of the best fight choreographs ever shot on film. Another movie was "Return of the Dragon", which helped launch Chuck Norris of "Texas Ranger" fame. Jun Fan Kickboxing, which is our particular method, is much more than a fitness/cardio class. This class is based on simplicity, directness, and economy - no wasted moves, no forms, and no katas to learn. You will learn how to totally express yourself. There will be no robotic moves; the method deployed is based on natural motion of the human body. Hence, it is incredibly easy to learn and there is no experience necessary. Whatever stage of fitness you're at, you will quickly see and feel results. Of course, there are many fitness-advantages of kickboxing, such as toning, losing weight, gaining balance, better body mechanics, better eye-to-hand coordination and you achieve a positive outlook on life. You will feel better about yourself and in turn feel better about your surroundings. When participating in the class, you will be in a safe and enjoyable environment. One of Bruce Lee's quotes states, "Play, but play seriously." You will have a great time in this class, and form new relationships with other women while at the same time learning how to defend yourself.

Q: What is your relationship to Bruce Lee, training-wise?

A: I am certified and authorized to train under Ted Wong, who most people would agree was Bruce Lee's predecessor. Bruce Lee personally taught him for seven years. I have over twenty years of training and have been teaching locally since 1993. Jeet Kune Do is a highly regarded fighting method known throughout the world. I am an international instructor and have traveled to China and England. I will be teaching a seminar in China later this year. For those more interested in the Martial Arts aspect, I teach Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, which is a Shaolin art, and Kali-Arnis-Escrima. We have also recently started a Little Dragons Gung Fu program for kids.

Q: Do I have to wear uniforms or special clothing?

A: Uniforms are not necessary in the women's kickboxing class. However, loose fitting pants and a T-shirt and tennis shoes are appropriate.

Q: What's the tuition for the program?

A: Tuition depends on how many classes you choose to participate in this program. There are no contracts necessary. For more informati