Black Belt & Izzy Lara

Black Belt is a highly recognizable attribute in our modern society. It can be considered as a status, but most importantly it shows a lot about the character of an individual who possesses the Black Belt. Acquiring Black Belt requires a lot of time investment. A lot of hard work goes into the training. Not everyone is capable of doing it.

We use martial arts as a way to seek improvement in many dimensions of our life. Black belt is a symbol of success. Izzy Lara is one of the individuals who was able to succeed.

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We are thrilled to announce that Izzy Lara has earned his black sash. Pictured we have Grand Master Gallaher, with Izzy at his side after the traditional tea ceremony.

At Gung Fu Institute, we work together to achieve one’s personal goals. Discipline and confidence is a must.

Gung Fu Institute is about living a martial arts lifestyle, with the cycle of improvement reaching into other areas of one’s life. If one focuses on improving every day, the end of the year can be rewarding.

With this philosophy it doesn’t matter where you start or how fast you progress, it is about living the lifestyle of a true martial artist.

David Gallaher provides state-of-the-art instruction and guides one through the process of how to better him or herself in many areas of one’s life. Izzy Lara got his Black Belt and happily enjoys the martial arts lifestyle.

Gung Fu

Grandmaster David Gallaher