Creating a New Self

As I mentioned in a previous article, change favors the prepared mind. A mind that is willing to understand change is needed. There are many epiphanies a person will need to go through in life before they realize change is even needed. Character is simply a billboard of teachings from parents, mentors and experiences throughout your life. The way that you act and behave represents who you are. Take a few minutes of silence, prayer, and meditation. Allow your eyes to turn inward and begin to inspect your life. What decisions have you made? ; The good, the bad, and the ugly need to be examined and dissected.

Epiphanies can be giant revelations. Death is often an epiphany. Imagine you see someone suffer and die of heart disease and many other complications from obesity. This may also be a challenge of your own and seeing a loved one suffer can lead you into a type of truth and may be your key to unlock the shackles and chains to this type of bondage. Perhaps it’s attending a seminar on nutrition or just being mentored by somebody who has great wisdom, it could even be a revelation that occurred during a movie or a song. It may happen walking on a nature trail or on the beach. You may inwardly hear a voice calling to you to change. Whatever has spoken to you to get to a point where you know change is needed, let me assist you in a deeper understanding of yourself.

One of the things you will need to do is be willing to be totally transparent to yourself. Only then will you be able to have true freedom. Transparency will allow you to have an honest, inward discussion with yourself. This will allow you to self inspect and self examine. This will lead you to an awakening of who you really are; the true human being without the world of self-labeling or without all the programming. Your job is not who you are, it’s simply what you do. Who you are is the person laying in bed at night contemplating life. Who are you really? By this I mean, your true DNA, not all the artificial conditioning from birth until now. Once you step into this inward exploration you will be awakened from your slumber, a move from the unconscious to the conscious.

As you may know if you have already read any of my articles, I’m a firm believer that all of the habits that you have picked up since birth are actively steering your judgments and decisions. Lacking self awareness will certainly lead you down an unfruitful existence always feeling there is something missing in your life. You will try to fill the void with all kinds of earthly wealth, which is only temporal. Your happiness generally comes in stages based on what you buy; a new car, a new house, a vacation, a new gadget. These stages are also temporal. Soon the feeling of despair or the need of something else to fulfill the void comes roaring back to existence. So the question should be- why do we have a void to begin with? And what can we do to fill the void and maintain joy throughout the journey of life?

Habits will manifest and crystallize and it takes a total revolt of all of the conditionings and the negative influences to begin a new you. Look at negative influences like a virus that attacks your computer. You need a solid firewall, great antivirus and spyware software actively working, or better yet sandbox technology to filter out damaging input. You want to concentrate on positive habits and positive affirmations to bring clarity. Strive to allow statements of life and beauty to enter into your mind. You have to set your environment up for success. Dream big and be a student of life. Habits are formed in the body, mind, and the spirit. You need to address all aspects for total transformation. The treatment depends on your starting point. Remember there are many good habits to cancel out the bad habits, like a pH scale the extremes balance each other to become neutral. Like Chinese medicine, if you are extremely yang (hard & rigid), extreme yin (softness & fluidity) will be required for your well-being. Everyone looks at your character; how you react to certain situations in your life, at your workplace, in your family. You’re judged by your character. Words that you speak quickly fade, but your character will be a lighthouse for those that are lost and need direction in their lives.

Grandmaster Gallaher