Gung Fu Institute Testimonial

Hi, my name is Yliana T., a student at Gung Fu Institute for a little over a year, and my son has been training for 2. The children classes are great. The children learn to have confidence, discipline, and lasting friendships. This school is a home away from home. Grandmaster David Gallaher has so much skill and knowledge that I was surprised and happy to find his school in Fort Myers, Florida. He is patient, kind, and he shows all his students that he cares for them. It is easy to see that Grandmaster teaches because it is his passion, and his skills and knowledge are undeniable! My son has learned so much in a short time. Not only has he progressed into a confident, respectful little boy, but he has better focus in school, and has more empathy for people in general. He enjoys his JKD classes. I also have learned so much, and enjoy learning more. He has taught me not only about the art of JKD, but how to take care of my overall health, both physically and spiritually. There is no favoritism in this school, our Grandmaster treats us all the same, and I feel we are very fortunate to have him as our teacher. I know that for those that have patience, and want to learn from a true master, Grandmaster David Gallaher is that teacher! Whether you want to learn JKD or Wing Chun, see for yourself, and I know you will agree Gung Fu Institute is one of the best JKD schools!