Junior Student of the Year 2014

We proudly announce the Junior Student of the Year 2014

Min Xian Lee – way to go!

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Congratulations on your achievement!

Many of us crave success, recognition, and prosperity, but not everyone can have it. It requires a certain character and step-by-step process. In short, it does not come easy. Min Xian Lee has what it takes to be an accomplished individual. At a very early age, she was recognized and rewarded for her efforts. One of the first steps is to become Student of the Year.

Grandmaster David Gallaher’s philosophy is, “Always stay humble and teachable. Knowledge becomes power when you learn how to apply your knowledge”.

Education is a power one wields to affect the world and identified through passion and dedication. Mian Xian Lee has a good start in life. Way to go!

Gung Fu Institute Team