Liberate Yourself from Conformity and Manipulation

I am sitting here contemplating where is this great nation heading? I have been fortunate to have traveled to many countries and I have seen severe poverty and great wealth. I have always felt that the United States is a beacon of hope and mercy in a cruel world. It doesn’t take much light to shine in darkness; it seems that the virtue and uprightness is quickly disappearing. Only when we become a people dependent on government instead of one another we begin to drift away from our fundamental truths and our constitution. There are so many vices out in the world to ruin even a good person and there are even fewer institutions that are morally sound to produce a new generation of freedom fighters. It amazes me how quickly a free society could be thrusted into bondage. To quote Patrick Henry “give me liberty or give me death”. Star Wars Return of the Sith you see government manipulation from Emperor Palpatine and his conversation with Anakin, how manipulation is used in a way that looks justified and truthful but the purpose is driven by power and control.

Our education system needs to concentrate in math, science, English, and the true essentials of receiving a good career. Personal agendas should not be tolerated if the teacher is being paid through taxes. If we are going to talk about religion in schools let’s only allow religions that perpetuate kindness, love, mercy. Let’s stay away from religions of death or unproved theories that would destroy America. Any religion, philosophy, or unproven theories that are against the American Constitution are a threat to this nation. Otherwise leave religion out of school in its totality. That should also include any theory that has not been proven, Darwinism, the Big Bang Theory or the like. Or again we can simply allow everybody the same amount of time in academia if it is all based on faith. Some people believe in God, that would be faith based, others believe in no God, which is also faith based because you cannot prove it either way. The best theory is still a theory.

True manipulation is when an individual barely knows they are being swade. Anakin was swade through gentle persuasion based on pride, ego, and immaturity. Anakin became Darth Vader fallen from noble knighthood, a Jedi, to pursue power. He became a manipulator himself but never overtaking his mentor in the art of supreme manipulation. He had an opportunity to redeem himself throwing his manipulator and false teacher into the fiery reactor shaft of the Death Star. This is another example of cause and effect. To quote Bruce Lee “Knowledge gives you power but character gives you respect” or perhaps we could look to a quote by John Quincy Adams “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

-Grandmaster David Gallaher