Living Abundantly Part II

On the last article we addressed hacking away at the unessentials. Unessentials are things that we actually don’t need. Things like oxygen, water, food, clothing, and a house over your head are truly essential items. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, television, and the radio are not truly essential. Simply look at your life and begin cultivating. Look at your life as a garden; is it full of healthy & robust plants, flowers? Bearing healthy fruit and pollen? Or is it producing thorns, briars, and thistles? Only you know what type of garden is on the inside, what you truly feel. You need to begin to take control of your life and take back precious time that you give wholeheartedly to the religion of TV.

Most of the time dedicated to watching television is not productive to the individual. The themes are generally negative, which include murder, drunkenness, rape, immorality, deceit, lying, stealing, cheating, the negative list can go on and it is much larger than anything positive you can get out of TV. There are a few educational programs that are beneficial, like the History Channel or Discovery Channel, but all programs need to be monitored for content. Television in its totality instead of its fragmented state can be negative, generally speaking. The substance of television programming is to get you to buy something. And most often, it’s not love, kindness, and mercy.
When you watch TV you are an open receiver. Images and audio are being downloaded into your system. A lot of negativity you aren’t even detecting, you are becoming numb and desensitized to the content. I was recently talking to one of my students about a movie that another student had told me about that had a lot of grotesque content. I was surprised at some of the scenes and that my 14 year old student said that it didn’t bother him. My question to you: Shouldn’t it? Shouldn’t seeing a body being mutilated on a giant screen bother you? Again, we as individuals are society and if the love and kindness is being stolen from us, what is humanity to become?
I have a garden of bamboo and some of it reaches 30 feet high. I also have a flower garden as well as a vegetable garden. There is a certain amount of responsibility based on time that I have to give to my gardens; pruning, watering, fertilizing, and general upkeep. What’s amazing is how fast weeds and pests can infiltrate a garden and turn beauty into ugliness. Lack of water or too much water can also have a negative effect on a garden. Pruning is essential to produce new growth, like our life we will get pruned, and it will hurt, but there will be growth after the pruning process. Our garden will die in a matter of weeks if proper care is not administrated constantly. Like our mind and our bodies, they also require nourishment. Peaceful time and contemplation is vital for our growth. There was a movie in the 80’s about stealing time, I only saw a short 15-20 minutes of the movie but I termed the word “langaliers”. Langaliers to me are people who steal your time, that produce nothing positive in your life and in some cases I believe they are put there only to steal time.
When I go through my week I identify langaliers constantly, but no longer just as people. A langalier is anything thats purpose is to steal time which we honestly don’t have that much of. Again to refer to the previous article, look at it as a football field, there’s a beginning end zone and an ending end zone. What we want to do is stay on the field as long as possible. We start on one side of the football field when we come into this existence. The half-way mark of the football field is the half-way mark of your life. The opposite end zone is the ending of your life. So, from end zone to end zone is your life lived here on Earth. Make it a memorable life.

Starting Sunday, October 3rd through Sunday, October 10th for anyone who would like to participate we will be doing a No TV or Movies Week, and replacing them with books, relaxing music and/or board games. We all know that most of us watch too much TV. We want to encourage people to evaluate how much time they spend watching television or movies as opposed to interacting with their spouse, significant other, family etc. Even if you are reading this at a later date, I encourage you to find a week on your own.

After the week is through instead of just turning on the TV and watching whichever program happens to be on, try setting a limit of how much television you want to watch per day. Try watching a movie with your family that everyone can enjoy. You will be surprised how much more you can accomplish in a day. If a movie or television program goes against your personal belief, it doesn’t make any sense to support the program. Try to pick movies or TV programs that edify you as a person. Movies and TV programs carry messages. I encourage you to look at what program you’re watching and find out what message it’s trying to convey to you without your realization. (Try to find out what they’re selling and make sure you want to buy it.)

Recommended Books:
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
People are Idiots and I Can Prove It by Larry Winget
Bad Childhood, Good Life by Dr. Laura Schlessinger
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
The Natural Way to Vibrant Health by N.W. Walker or any other books by N.W. Walker
Tao of Jeet Kune Do
The Wise Woman by George MacDonald

Recommended Board Games:

Recommended Music:
Peter Davidson
Classic Instrumentals
Any soft, relaxing, meditative music

Grandmaster Gallaher