Predestination of Greatness

It is interesting for me to think there are people that believe they come into this world with a predestined idea, a predestined viewpoint, and a predestined existence, and have no ability to manipulate their destiny. If this were true, then there would be no reason for moral teaching because it wouldn’t affect you since you are either destined to be good or bad and you have no say in the matter. I personally think this is a silly viewpoint, a lazy viewpoint, and a lot of times, a religious viewpoint. Even at a young age, I had a tendency to observe my family’s friends and there were points where I thought, “This person is righteous and very successful, seemed honest, and came across as a man of integrity.” Only to find several years later, he has become an alcoholic, been divorced, and seemed like a totally different person, destined for destruction. If you go through life not observing people, you will never see this phenomenon. Other times, you will see somebody that seems like they are flesh bound and totally into self indulgence, gossip, and party hard. This is the type of personality that consistently flows into the least denominator. Then to my utter amazement, several years later I find this person has become a successful lawyer, businessman, and entrepreneur. He has risen from the pits of hell and has become a beacon of light in his community. It is an amazing contrast of two individuals, seemingly going in one direction and abruptly changing course, as if they had a total role reversal.
My personal viewpoint is that they were neither born successful or unsuccessful. They just made choices that affected their destiny. Some of these choices can affect you temporarily, other choices can affect you for a lifetime, some choices can even affect you eternally. (Whether you believe in a Christian, Buddhist, or Taoist viewpoint of life.) I’m just a firm believer in that you reap what you sow. I also believe that we are uniquely entwined in the ripple. What you choose to do affects a multitude of people around you, and in turn other peoples reaping and sowing can affect you. Most often your destiny is made of poor choices and brilliant choices. You’re currently reaping what you have sown; the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I believe that men and women can change their destiny. If you begin right now, sewing seeds of righteousness, integrity, love and kindness, you will bear great fruit in the future. Perhaps you are dealing with the seeds of the past and you sowed many bad thoughts, bad decisions, and deceived many people. You are reaping your harvest. This is what you planted. Again, remember you are uniquely threaded into many people and you can be influenced by decisions that others have made, including your parents and siblings. I believe that we are all predestined for greatness and the decisions that we make today will affect today and tomorrow and will bring back the proper alignment of yesterday. Make decisions so that you will be a person that will have many friends around you and you will leave this life with a smile.