TIP OF THE DAY! Testing requirements and Organization

At the Gung Fu Institute, we provide not only training in Martial Arts, but overall training in life. That is, how to be successful in most things you do in your life. The tip of today would be – Organization! How can anyone go without it?

At Gung Fu Institute, the system is very simple! We provide a very detailed curriculum with each level for each of our programs. We even provide the binders to organize it all. At first look, it all seems very complex and hard, but in reality it is easy as long as you organize it all.

Organization is the key. It is the key to a lot of things in life. We are asking our students to keep up with the curriculum print-outs that we give them. It also helps to write down all the levels and the names of the techniques/lessons that one is learning. In the future, just to help you all, we are going to send out Excel spreadsheets where you can check each level that you're working on.

It does get overwhelming, but stop and ask yourself: what are you working on? Is it the Single Direct Punching? Or is it the Combo Kicking, or the Nunchaku? That's how simple it is!

Organization is the key! It is the key to your success in life.

Good Luck on your upcoming test!

Thank you,

Gung Fu Institute team