Welcome to our 2019 Ninja Training Camp,
starting July 22th to July 26th.

Summer Camp will be back next year

Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm

Ages 7-12

In a training camp kind of far away...
Young ninjas band together to learn skills useful against Imperial Armies...
What does it mean to master Ninja Force? Does your child have what it takes?

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Training Camp Details

Jedi TrainingThe Ninja Training Camp provides a series of skill sets to include:

  • Acrobatics - parkour - Move like a Ninja. Kids learn to use their environments to their advantage. Fall, jump, tumble, and roll over, under, and around obstacles. Some tricking exercises are included for the ninjas with martial arts experience.
  • Stretching - yoga - Train your mind like a Ninja. Kids learn how to tap into their internal Ninja Force. Meditative breathing and yoga stretching enhance flexibility and muscle-awareness. This includes mindfulness, meditation and strength building.
  • Sword Training - fencing - Use a bowstaff like a Ninja. Using bamboo practice swords, our young ninjas will learn the art of sword fighting. This includes defensive and offensive techniques as well as a staff routine.
  • Blaster Maneuvers- NERF gun / Laser tag - Defend against the Imperial Army! Kids will learn to be more aware of their surroundings in a fast paced environment.

Our Training Camp also includes a mix of various activities such as dodgeball and other interactive games.

At the end of the camp day and provided that we have time, students may enjoy a showing of an age appropriate cartoon series as parents arrive for pick-up.

On the final day of camp we will be holding a
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament for fun prizes.

Due to limited space, prepayment is necessary to secure your spot.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your child!

Enjoy a week of training for $99**. Sign up below!

**Early registration price expires on July 17th. After that, the price will be $139.