1) How much is tuition?

Tuition varies depending on how many styles and the number of classes taken. We have a few payment options including month-to-month, which is slightly higher because your commitment is minimal, or a yearly agreement which is an automatic debit for convenience which is processed once a month. You can also pay in advance 6 months or one year for an additional discount. We also have excellent family plans available.

2) What styles are taught?

The main styles here at this academy are Bruce Lee style Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun. In addition, privates and semi-privates can also be arranged for the arts of Kali- Arnis and Escrima. Our MMA course is a blended style, where we incorporate Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, and many other arts that I have been trained in.

3) How long have you been in martial arts?

I have been fortunate to have started early. I have been through many different styles to get me to this point. When I look at the arts that I teach now, I can compare them to other arts that I have been taught from the past and realize how much bondage I was truly in and how free I am now. Because of my early training I don’t look through a narrow port-hole, meaning I am not narrow-minded. The bulk of my training has been from 1978 until present. The arts I’ve been exposed to are too many to mention.

4) What if I don’t have any experience?

Experience is not necessary. We will have someone work directly with you until you feel comfortable. The way the program is designed, anyone can start at the beginning of any rotation. Rotations are generally three months.

5) What if I have a lot of prior experience?

We will evaluate you for proper placement in our program. If you are a black belt in another style you will start out with black pants instead of white pants, which signifies you have some experience. I recently had someone start with a black belt of another style and after evaluation the student still was placed as a beginner. The nature of this program is totality based so if you have a black belt in a kicking art that will help you in that portion only. A lot of times it’s better to not have much training, if your training is in a rigid and hard style that doesn’t have much versatility, like chambering your punches or blocking and hitting separately. Our program will teach you to be fluid, harmoniously working with your opponent.

6) Do I have to be in shape to start training?

No. Our program will get you into shape. You will hear positive affirmations about health and fitness while attending our school. You will be around a group of people that are constantly evaluating themselves to do better, to be greater, to revolt from the status quo and go after life whole heartedly. We will not only address the physical side of martial arts, but also the mental side. To quote Bruce Lee, “Knowing is not enough, willingness is not enough, you must apply.” Knowledge can be power, but it’s the application that makes you powerful.

7) How many times a week should I come to be successful?

A minimum of two sessions a week. Anything under two you will not see the result you desire. Some of the students do back to back Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do classes for additional training. Ask yourself how great do you want to be? And, how fast do you want to achieve that result? The more often you come to class, the quicker you will meet your goal.

8) Is there weapons training?

We teach Seminars at our academy which includes a multitude of different weapons. We use the fencing aspect in JKD as well as nun chucks. In Wing Chun we use a 6.5 point staff and butterfly knives. In our program you will also learn how to defend yourself against many different weapons, including guns, knives, etc.

9) Is there sparring? Do I have to spar?

We have full contact sparring on Monday nights. Anybody who wants to attain a Brown or Black belt level or its equivalent will need to spar. You will not be permitted to spar until you are evaluated; you need to have what it takes to spar to lessen your chance of injury.

10) I have physical limitations, can I still participate?

That depends on what type of physical limitations you have. Sometimes, because Jeet Kune Do is high intensity, I might steer you into the Wing Chun program. It’s best to meet with me for an evaluation.

11) How long is it going to take me to get a black belt?

This depends on you as an individual. Depending on how often you come to the school, if you take privates or semi-privates, if you concentrate on one style rather than a few, etc. Roughly it takes 4-6 years depending on your ability.

12) What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Check or Cash.

13) What kind of gear is required?

It depends on what stage you enter our academy and what particular style you chose. When you start out you need to purchase our academy t-shirt, pants, and shoes. Any additional gear can be discussed when you join our program.

14) Are the kids’ classes separate from the adults?

Yes. We are an age appropriate school. Kids stay in kid’s classes and adults stay in adult classes. Our Little Dragons program is for children 6-8 and our Junior Dragon program is ages 8-15. The range of ages for the adult classes is 15-55. Even still, you can be 75 and begin our Wing Chun program.

16) What is Gung Fu?

Gung Fu means hard work or great achievement. It is the Cantonese Chinese dialect. If you were speaking Mandarin you would say Kung Fu. Generally speaking, when someone pronounces Gung Fu, they’re referring to southern styles of Martial Arts, like Wing Chun. When Bruce Lee used the term Gung Fu, I believe he meant “What works, use it. It takes hard work to achieve the result that you’re looking for.”