My goal is to give you the most realistic training that truly involves the full spectrum of the human being . I want you to understand both your potential as a person and as a fighter. I want you to face any fear you may have in life whole heartedly, realizing that most fear is an abstract illusion that can be defused and discarded through martial arts training.

Martial arts is about simplification and refinement, hacking away the unessential. Martial arts can be an instrument to fine tune your true essence, your God given gifts. The height of our society lies in the simplicities not in the ornamentation, rituals and ceremonies, but the search for the truth. A true martial art style should concentrate on viable information not the classical mess Bruce Lee spoke about. A martial artist should realize that martial arts is about efficiency. We all have two arms and two legs, what it really boils down to is how well we use them. I will strive to have you totally refine your tools down to your sharpest point or edge. A question to ask yourself is, how do you base your fighting skills? On limitation? Or are you free from all bondage free to convey your full potential, realizing the truth is outside of the box?

At Gung Fu Institute you will be a total fighter able to deal with all ranges of combat. You may be a great kicker but if I shoot in on you and take the fight to the ground , all the high power spinning kick will not be of any use to you, you will be totally at my mercy. We give you the full training package to handle any situation. At Gung Fu Institute you will learn how to free yourself of physical and mental bondage. Your thoughts will become like water, always flowing to the least resistant area but having the patience to move mountains, piece by piece.

May God bless you with his wisdom.

Grandmaster Gallaher