My name is Rafael. I started learning Wing Chun with Sifu (master or teacher of Martial Arts in Chinese) David Gallaher two years ago. I was very lucky to find a top notch school in a small city like Fort Myers.Sifu’s deep knowledge of Wing Chun, JKD + other disciplines and his dedication to Martial Arts is admirable. The classes offered are of the highest quality. I attend his kickboxing class once a week and his stretching classes twice per week, excellent complements to Wing Chun which is offered 4 times per week.Sifu’s teaching has made a big difference to my well-being and health. Sifu is an inspiration, always reminding us of how important is to eat well, quiet our minds, develop our body’s potential and being watchful of the emotional energy that we put out.We have a group of advanced students and instructors that are knowledgeable, helpful and available when we need them. For me they are role models that show us what is possible if we put the time and dedication to learn what the school has to offer. Thank you guys, I highly recommend the school but as Sifu told me when I joined: you get out as much as you put into it. Personally I have made Wing Chun my lifetime commitment; it requires patience and persistence to learn it well, fortunately Sifu and the Gung Fu Institute are available.
Rafael Espinoza : Wing Chun Student, Green Sash

My name is Caitlin, I am 12 years old but I started coming to Gung Fu when I was 7. I enjoy coming to classes very much, my favorite part is when we do take downs (grappling) and when I get promoted and get new material. I know I did a good job and that I exceeded in something. I love punching and I am really good at it. When I first started at Gung Fu I was scared but I have awesome instructors like Master Sifu and I have different people that help me and make sure that I don’t get hurt. I have been here for 5 yrs and haven’t gotten hurt yet. I also got to compete in a state tournament which was a lot of fun. I love the school, it’s awesome and I can’t wait to learn more.
Caitlin Pope : Student - 12 yrs old - Jr. Black Belt

I enrolled in the Gung Fu Institute the week of Thanksgiving 2009. I had recently turned 40 and was looking for a challenge for the next forty years of my life. The week before I enrolled, I spoke at some length with Sifu Gallaher, asking questions about the style of teaching, the schedule of classes, and whether the idea of taking up a martial arts program made sense for someone my age. As part of deciding on a school, I had read about various styles and schools and I had spoken with the teachers at other local schools. For me, the conversation with the potential teacher was the most important part in determining which school I would try first. When I spoke with Sifu Gallaher, I appreciated his patience in answering my many questions. What made the deepest impression on me, though, was that he called me back when my mobile phone dropped the call. When my mobile phone dropped the call a second time, he cheerfully resumed our conversation without missing a beat. To me, taking such an interest in a prospective student signaled a deep commitment to the student. As a result of my conversation with Sifu Gallaher, I thought that I should try out the Gung Fu Institute first. I did and I was not disappointed. After participating in one class, I knew that I had found the right school and I signed up on the spot for 13 months of classes in Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do. Since enrolling, I have learned something new each week and improved my form. The classes are hard work, which, to me, is a sign of their worth. Sifu Gallaher expects a lot from his students, which is how it should be: in order to learn, one must make a commitment to study. I have recommended the Gung Fu Institute to several friends and hope to see them join me soon.

Carlos Kelly

My twin daughters have been coming here for the last 5 years (since they were 9 years old) and they have learned a tremendous amount. It’s a great atmosphere, a very positive environment, and they love it! During their time here they have learned a lot of positive attributes that not only help with their self-esteem and confidence but their self-defense as well.The girls take these lessons with them every day and in they say that it helps them feel strong and different and good about themselves. They have both grown so much and so have we as parents.
Jody Pope : Parent - Caitlin's Mom

Back in the summer of 1990 I met Sifu David Gallaher after graduating from college. I had no idea that 5 years later I would be interested in learning martial arts. I started training with Sifu privately during the summer of 1995. After he opened his first martial arts school I started going to classes regularly training in Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and Kali. I trained with Sifu for many years and have become a great friend and dedicated student. My journey in martial arts started with learning traditional Gung Fu systems. I am lucky to have found a qualified teacher who can train me in Wing Chun as originally taught by Grand Master Yip Man. Sifu is an authentic teacher of Wing Chun and continuously shows his knowledge, skills and devotion to martial arts. The knowledge that Sifu has is limitless and he is very passionate about his teachings. I have found a teacher that can mentally and physically challenge me to learn the skills that he was taught. In 2006 I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong China with Sifu and learn about Chinese culture and train with some of his teachers including Grand Master Yip Ching and Chan Chee Man. It is because of my Sifu that I am able to participate in these events of a lifetime. I have also had the pleasure of getting my oldest son involved in the Junior Dragon’s martial arts program. I feel blessed to have my son follow my training and learn from one of the best instructors in martial arts. Sifu has so much to offer a student in martial arts so they follow the right path and become a better person. Over the years I have learned self-defense, increased my flexibility and now possess much greater balance and strength than I had in my 30s. One of the most important attributes of martial arts is that it helps me live a disciplined and healthy life. I am a health care professional and enjoy martial arts because it helps me focus on the positive attributes in life which includes family and friends. I want to thank Sifu for all his efforts and dedication over the years. He is a great teacher, mentor and friend.

Andy Spegiel : Black Sash Wing Chun

My son Estefan is 10 years old and has been at the Gung Fu Institute since February of 2012. I picked this school because I liked Bruce Lee style of martial arts and I liked the way Sifu Gallaher works with the children. Before the children begin their workout he sits down with them and talks about what they are learning. I think it helps the children to be more focused and reminds them what the goal for each class is. Estefan has already handled one bullying situation very well since he has started taking classes at the Gung Fu Institute and I have seen an increase in his confidence as well as his overall physical condition.
Steve Bebee : Parent

My experience at the Gung Fu Institute has been a very good and helpful one. I always have gotten help whenever I needed it and was always treated very kindly. Thanks to my teachers I received a very good training program. It took a lot of time and effort to reach my goal of being a junior black belt but with lots of practice and help from my family I was able to achieve that goal. I am very grateful and have enjoyed my time here at the Gung Fu Institute. I just want to say that this has been an absolutely wonderful experience that I think should be shared with others wanting to learn. Thank you for your attention.
Ahren Baer : Student - 12 yrs old - Jr. Black Sash

I came here about three years ago but before that I played soccer, baseball, and lots of other different kinds of sports but when I came here it just kind of clicked. The Junior Dragons program is like a sport and exercise and self-defense that you can’t get anywhere else. You can come here and get a really good work and really learn self-defense and it’s awesome so please come here if possible.
Brenin Parker : Student - 12 yrs old

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